Afisol is the first company who developed an application which connects Sri Lankan stock market and its’ clients via mobile and apparently it became a revolutionary product in Sri Lanka. The system provides convenience to the stock market clients in obtaining immediate information despite of where they are and what they are engaged in. Therefore,this is a powerful technique as well as a facility to attract customers to the stock broker firms and ultimately to the stock investment industry.

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  • Help to closely study the stock market.
  • Provide interface to monitor stock market through the mobile phone.
  • System creates SMS inquiry about stock prices and portfolio balances.
  • When a certain stock price is already set, system will automatically create a message  when stock price reach to that level
  • Provide opportunity to build effective communication with customers.
  • Through the close study of stock market, investors can get the maximum profit out of stock market.



Project Features

  • Check the stock code using specific text message.
  • Stock price level alert when it reaches a certain price level.
  • Check book depth using stock message.
  • Ability to check portfolio balance using your mobile device.
  • Can check value of portfolio.
  • Ability to check brokers account balance.
  • Every market trade is immediately updated.
  • Brokerages & customer database is resides in the server.