Process Monitoring and Analysis System

With increasing usage of machineries it is hard to monitor and analyze each process using humans and it is more time consuming and less accurate. Process Monitoring and analysis system is a fast accurate and effective way to monitor and analyze the processes.

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Cloud base Sales-01

Web/Cloud Based Sales Software

With the cloud based sale software you can enhance the customer base, provide better customer service through online sales, can manipulate all the stages of business process and manage all the branches of your business.

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Spec 02

Factory Automation and Traceability Software

Factory Automation and Traceability software can handle total entity process from receiving,processing, Inventories, Invoicing, labeling,box packing, dispatch, export documentations smoothly and hassle free.
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Spec 02

E Commerce Solutions

Having an e-Commerce website with a secured payment gateway will enhance your business opportunities, enabling web users and your clients to look for your products from the world-wide-web and purchase online.
We design and build superior and secure e-Commerce websites which will generate the best return on your investment.

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Tasting Analysis System

Tasting analysis system is specially designed for the food & beverage industry to ensure the quality of their products. By ensuring the quality any, company can achieve higher market share. The system also helps to analyze the variations of the product quality and this will help to make better management decisions regarding production.
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Stock Message Application

With busy life style of the modern businessmen it is harder to keep a track of the stock market using web. Stock message application system is the best solution for it. The system will deliver the stock market to your fingertip.

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Resource Monitoring System

Resource monitoring system is capable to monitor resource usage of each stage of the production process. By monitoring resources management can take more productive and effective decisions to help the business.

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Computerized Maintenance Management Software

This system make easy to maintain machines inside a company. By using this system company can manage their machines more smoothly. Smooth floor of each machine will help to increase the company productivity & profit.

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Supermarket Warehouse Management System (POS)

This module covers all the functions related to stock handling and sales information management. It is embedded with the pillars of user friendliness, accuracy, and high-speed. The system facilitate in item management, tracking re-order levels, billing and sales document handling. The general stock valuation, stock movements and sales summaries are generated as outputs of warehouse management and POS system.


Hotel Management System

The Hotel Management System helps in managing & operating small to medium sized hotels. It can be used at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges, guest houses, apartments. This emphasizes the highest level of individual guest services through our comprehensive features seamlessly integrating room reservation, point of sales (restaurant, bar), inventory management, ingredient balancing, and ledger accounting functions till profit/loss calculation. An extensive variety of management reports can be generated from the Hotel Management System.


Fueling Management System

This system is designed to effectively measure, control and monitors fuel consumption of vehicles and handle the related payments in a company. The information track on fuel purchases and fuel dispenses by various methods can be stored in the system and reports can be generated based on fuel consumption by an employee with the use of a particular vehicle. TheĀ  information obtain through this system will be used by management in their practices to facilitate in decision making on control of fuel consumption, cost analysis and tax ,accounting for fuel purchases.


Bottling Process Monitoring & Analyzing System

A well designed process monitoring and analysis system is necessary to consistently achieve any predefined end product quality. Through the developed application, each stage of the bottling process can be carefully examined for any discrepancies and can be tracked any downtime which leads to process inefficiencies. Based on these analyzed results the system will assist management to make decisions on any improvement.


Product Distribution Management System

Product Distribution Management System is designed to automate business processes such as warehousing, inventory, purchasing and pricing. It keeps records of stocks separately for each transportation mode in different districts. Further the billing system of sales representatives are linked with the credit balance of each outlet and their settlements. This software simplifies the operations and increases the efficiency of the distribution process and the company profits along with customer service level.