Resource Monitoring System

This system is capable of monitoring and controlling building’s resources such as machines, oil level, lighting and water usage. Its core function is to manage the supply of different resources to the environment within the building. The outputs of the system are useful to both the users of the system as well as the owners or managers of the building. By analyzing the past resource consumption, management has the ability to plan and organize for a better resource usage in future.



  • Access the software through internet anytime and anywhere
  • Reduce human errors that can be occurred while reading meter readings for the purpose of creating
  • The system can be viewed from Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile without installations.
  • Reduce cost and provide more security.
  • Prevent from duplication and invalid entry of data.
  • The system requires less manpower to work with and the user does not need to possess an expertise in operating the system.
  • Better graphical representation
  • Using updated reports better decisions can be made.
  • Help to reduce the misuse of resources
  • More practicable to do future advancements

Project Features

  • Reading resource monitoring meters automatically.
  • Retrieved records will be saved in the database on 15 minutes intervals.
  • The system will provide the ability to input production statistics and future targets in to it.
  • Prepare the daily meter reading reports and monthly meter consumption reports.
  • Generate resource Consumption Reports and graphs will be maintained throughout.
  • Create graphs based on meter readings, production units and future targets.
  • User authentication.
  • Better user experience – map of the factory with meter’s points, select the meter to see closer look and obtain current meter readings, monthly resource consumption reports and graphs.
  • Web Application that can be accessed by computer can also be accessed by mobile devices without performing any installation procedures.

Reports & Outputs

  • Current Meter Reading for each meter.
  • Meter Consumption Reports.
  • Daily and monthly meter consumption.
  • Separate reports for each department.
  • Current consumption as well as past consumption can be retrieved.
  • Resource consumption for a selected time period can be retrieved separately.
  • Energy meter consumption reports (Shift wise)

**We are customizing the software and preparing reports according to the customer requirement.**