Factory Automation and Traceability Software

Factory Automation and Traceability Software consists of generating the product labeling with a bar code and QR code as well as box labeling with bar code. Further at any given time inventory levels can be checked in receiving and grading room, raw material chiller, waste material chiller, semi processed product chiller, vacuum packed products chiller, blast freezer and cold store. This software is currently installed in Sea Food industry,including tuna, swordfish and reef fish products.

Spec 02


  • Print product label with bar code with QR code
  • Transferring data to Vacuum Pack Chiller
  • Arranging data for the packing list

Box packing

  • Print box label with bar code
  • Reduction in inventory

Frozen Products

  • Frozen products process will be managed batch-wise


  • Record dispatch details


Management Reports

  • Inventory of Receiving and grading room report- location wise
  • Inventory of Waste material chiller report – location wise
  • Inventory of Semi-finished product chiller report – location wise, client wise
  • Inventory of Vacuum packed products chiller report– location wise, client wise
  • Inventory of Blast freezer report– location wise and batch wise
  • Inventory of Cold room report– location wise and batch wise
  • Frozen Product Stock
  • Stock Report – Traceability
  • Stock Report H&G
  • Raw Material Daily Stock
  • Raw Material Vessel wise
  • Daily Fish Purchase Report
  • By Product Stock Report
  • Product Traceability Report
  • Packing List
  • Export Report

Main Features of the System


  • Collection of data relating to receiving (weight, grade, temperature)


  • Record Stock-in
  • Re-grading the fish
  • Raw material stacked in cold storage will be handled location wise


  • Capture information
  • Bar coding each loin with fish number, loin number and customer name.

Semi- finished

  • Sorting the loins, fish and loin numbering
  • Semi-finished product labeling
  • Maintaining the stock




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Other Features

  • Data communicate through the wireless network
  • Fully automated Label Printing Process
  • Automated data communications through weighing machines and tracking product details via bar code reader
  • Automatic Database Backup function and transferred it to specified external server or storage device if provided




**We are customizing the software and preparing reports according to the customer requirement.**