Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Computerize Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is capable of scheduling all types of maintenance jobs in the same simple interface. It is designed to help managers in streamlining maintenance operations and has the ability of handling day to day maintenance operations and providing statistical reports which help managers in the decision making process.

When a company is machine oriented, it’s not an easy task to maintain them up to the standard without affecting the smooth operations of the production process. CMMS manages the fixed assets of the company keeping a comprehensive record of machine parts in stock and other related part transactions . This will facilitate the organization in preparation of bin cards as well as in generating reports, based on date range or location wise for the machine parts issued.


Advantages of CMMS

  • Web Based System.
  • Easy reference on the machine or machine parts history.
  • No need of keeping IT staff for system maintenance.
  • User friendly system (GUI’s and functionalities)
  • Continuous monitoring of machine health.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Resolve downtime issues with proactive information.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Identify poor machine performance before it becomes a problem.


Main Features of the System

Asset Tracking

Track an unlimited number of assets in various applications including facilities, marine, aviation, machinery, and more. Its extreme flexibility allows it to be adapted to any type of asset that requires preventive maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

The system has the ability to organize preventive maintenance tasks, Assign employees for the task and set the dates & duration for that.

Repair Maintenance

The system effectively manages breakdowns or unexpected issues that occur with your assets. Operators or inspectors can also indicate potential problems so those can be rectified before costly breakdowns occur.

History Recording

The system will evaluate the efficiency of your assets in relation to the cost incurred in maintenance. A detailed maintenance history will provide the ability to decrease the downtime and will act as vital statistics to assist you in decision making

Parts Inventory

The system will Itemize and track usage of your parts when maintenance is performed. The Shop Edition provides a full inventory management system for stock tracking, reorder notifications, purchasing, and more.

Management Reports

  • Machine utilization reports.
  • Machine wise productivity reports.
  • Machine wise maintenance history reports.
  • Replaced machine parts report (Brand wise).
  • Preventive schedule reports.


**Can be obtained as a whole package or for a monthly payment.**